Equipment engineering and manufacturing

Equipment engineering and manufacturing

Examination and Process development work

Voronezh-Aqua renders services associated with the examination and acquisition of basic data necessary for developing general technical solutions of the project:

  • examination and analysis of current water and waste water treatment systems condition;
  • source water sample-taking and analysis in the in-house laboratory;
  • estimation of capital and operational expenditures for different solutions of set problems;
  • selection of the optimum solution, taking into consideration both economic and technological indicators;
  • Carrying out pilot tests.

Voronezh-Aqua offers its clients a full range of works connected with the preparation of design specifications and estimates for the construction of new water and waste water treatment facilities and the renovation of current ones:

  • Individual approach to every engineering task;
  • Examination of the object, acquisition of basic data for designing;
  • Preparation of design technical specifications and acquisition of the client’s approval;
  • Preparation of operational schedule and grounding its selection;
  • Preparation of economic model reflecting investment suitability;
  • Preparation of the full set of design specifications and estimates.

When designing water and waste water treatment facilities, Voronezh-Aqua utilizes best practices in the creation of water treatment systems.


The manufacturing unit of Voronezh-Aqua is 6,000 sq. m. Modern manufacturing capacities give the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of water and waste water treatment equipment:

  • clarifier purification units,
  • cartridge filters,
  • ultrafiltration units,
  • reverse osmosis units,
  • electro-deionization units,
  • membrane degasification units,
  • block-modular solutions for water and waste water treatment.
Assembly and commissioning works

Assembly and commissioning are key project execution stages. Voronezh-Aqua guarantees work performance, taking into consideration all norms and requirements. Assembly and commissioning are performed by well-trained personnel with long-term working experience with water and waste water treatment systems.
When executing this stage, Voronezh-Aqua performs the following projects:

  • assembly,
  • installation supervision,
  • preliminary projects,
  • no-load equipment commissioning,
  • water medium equipment commissioning,
  • training of the client’s operation personnel,
  • drawing up a technical act related to the end of assemble and commissioning works together with the client.

Voronezh-Aqua Group is always ready to provide recommendations to the client related to the utilization, modernization and maintenance of water and waste water treatment systems. Within the framework of service maintenance, we render the full range of services:

  • technical maintenance of main equipment within the terms specified in the contract and approved by the client;
  • identification and elimination of technical malfunctions in water and waste water treatment systems in accordance with the client’s order or after considering the results of examination;
  • supply of consumables and water treatment chemicals in accordance with the requirements specified in the operations manual;
  • completing of water and waste water treatment systems with additional equipment and acquisition of the client’s approval if necessary;
  • Replacement of failed equipment.
Research and development

Research and development is one of the priority areas of Voronezh-Aqua’s activities. Professors, Ph.D., laureates of state prizes work in the company. Voronezh-Aqua constantly improves its engineering and project solutions, expands its scientific base and implements innovative technologies.

Voronezh-Aqua has an experimental base equipped with the full list of equipment necessary for multifold performance of practical investigations, research and development in the sphere of water and waste water treatment.

In Voronezh-Aqua’s portfolio there are self-engineered products and know-how. We carry out projects using the best solutions based on domestic and foreign advanced experience.