Chemical water treatment

Chemical water treatment

Voronezh-Aqua renders complex services associated with chemical water treatment of cooling systems, boilers, water demineralization and waste water treatment systems at the largest industrial plants.

The 20-year experience of Voronezh-Aqua in solving various problems at waterworks facilities of industrial and civil factories gives the company the opportunity to be sound on the client’s production processes and to implement optimal chemical water treatment programs.

Scope of application:
  • Water cycle systems
  • Membrane water treatment systems
  • Boiler water processing
  • Heat distribution network processing.

Complex approach of Voronezh-Aqua to water chemical processing provides the client with:

  • An efficient equipment operation;
  • Quality improvement of water and waste water treatment;
  • Saving on capital and current repair expenditures of technological equipment;
  • Cost minimization connected with implementation and maintenance of chemical dosing stations;
  • Possible management outsourcing of chemical water processing as an non-core technology;
  • Corrosion protection of technological and heat-exchange equipment;
  • Prevention of microbial contaminations;
  • Protection against scale formation in membrane systems;
  • Colloid systems stabilization.
Voronezh-Aqua produces reagents ScaleMate:
  • Corrosion inhibitors of various content
  • Polymeric and phosphonic deposit inhibitors
  • Colloid systems stabilizers
  • Antiscalants and washing solutions for membrane systems
  • Biocides for various purposes.